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Location: Venezia, Italia

masmatrera (M A S M A T R E R A)

08/11/2019 16:05:55 - 650 Like - 29 Comments
🇮🇹[ • POSTCARDS FROM SOMEWHERE • ]🇮🇹 . . . VENICE: THE FLOATING CITY Venice is one of the world’s oldest tourist and cultural centres. It is composed by a group of 118 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by over 400 bridges. This island city was once a major maritime power and an important center of commerce. From 697 to 1797, the city was historically the capital of the Republic of Venice, traditionally known as La Serenissima: the most serene or sublime. During this period, this island city was the centre of the maritime republic and one of most important commercial and cultural link with the earthen countries. Nowadays, it’s renowned for the beauty of their settings, architecture and artwork. Venice remains a very popular tourist destination and has been ranked the most beautiful city in the world. . Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . . . #unforgettableinstagrammer #venice #venezia #love #italy #italia #igersitalia #igersitaly #amazing #igersvenezia #igersvenice #ig_italia #igers #instagram #instagramers #amazing #amazingplaces #landscapephotography #landscape #streetphotography #travelholic #mytravelgram #travelphotography #photographer #travelpics #photography #wanderlust #travelgram #travel #worldcaptures@unforgettablegreece

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benedettohi 6 hours ago
Bella 😃😃😃
yasha_jakovsky 2 days ago
Venice was made by Croatian wood.
jordan_syberg 4 days ago
Loving this photo! 👊 Super cool style of photography you got there my friend. 👍📸
luzia_2051 4 days ago
wndrng_jones 5 days ago
😊Ho dato un’occhiata alla tua galleria e la trovo molto bella ed interessante 👏👏 Le tue foto trasmettono molte sensazioni 💖 Hanno un tocco personale e originale 👍🏼 Se ti va Passa dalla mia ! E se ti fa piacere lasciare un COMMENTO o addirittura se ti va di SEGUIRMI Ne sarei molto felice!! Grazie 😊 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻
What a gorgeus shot here! In love with this city! Together with Florence, one of my favorite cities in Italy!💖💖💖
jaideep2015 6 days ago
Beautiful shot 😍
hat looks amazing. You took a very cool photo! Compliments
elenapellizza 6 days ago
Can u imagine being homeless there? 😏
enzoforgiarini 7 days ago
Good memories!
Wow 😍